$ git clone http://ion.nu/git/webchat

(HEAD) Diff Tree Tweaked cam code for compatibility with Chrome.

Diff Tree Don't notify about lost connection when the connection was closed due to password protection (and not yet having supplied the correct password)
Diff Tree Made options (changing account password, channel operations) a collapsible section, starting collapsed.
Diff Tree If there is data in gnutls's buffers, keep reading (or start reading regardless of incoming data from the network)
Diff Tree Don't try to read whole packets at a time (especially for big packets like video data)
Diff Tree Respond to websocket pings
Diff Tree Scale down and/or wrap cams to fit
Diff Tree Added moderator indicators in the userlist, a green dot next to the nickname with a descriptive title/hovertext
Diff Tree Announce moderators on join
Diff Tree Added option to deregister a channel you're the owner of (have the PRIV_PASSWORD moderator privilege for)
Diff Tree Fixed the timestamps (previously stuck at [00:00])
Diff Tree Added interfaces for changing account password
Diff Tree Added a section to the README about how to get it up and running
Diff Tree Remove accidentally committed config.js, add config.js.sample instead
Diff Tree Handle httpcam workaround users disconnecting properly
Diff Tree Added options to manually open and close (hide) media streams
Diff Tree Free channels when the last user leaves, unless it's a registered channel which might have data that should be kept (banlist, topic)
Diff Tree Restrict the video bitrate in MediaRecorder to 32kbps (though everything but the latest firefox will ignore this at the moment)
Diff Tree Use the mic poster for own cam/mic as well
Diff Tree Initial commit